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Easement Valuation

There are alot of new developments  that will require seeking to create an easement over the adjoining land for development purposes. All Property Valuation can are licensed and qualified to carry out this valuation.

Owners will usually seek compensation for the loss of vegetation, the loss ownership and the disturbance from the works carried out. The party seeking to create the easement must ensure that all works will be carried our properly and professionally and making good of the acquired area.

APV will assess the dispossess owner's position and have consideration to the loss of vegetation, loss of ownership and disturbance in our valuation. We will also use the  before and after method, which is the value of the land before the acquisition and the value of the land after the acquisition. We will also consider the discounted land value per square metre that is appropriate as often enough the land acquired can not be developed and it involves a not willing seller.